Finding Poetics in the Potion

As the month of Capricorn nears completion, this bit of writing asked to be shared. It comes directly from my mysterious center, as I steeped myself in the brew of this lunar cycle Dec. 22 to Jan. 20. I’m not going to give much introduction…perhaps just a dancer’s count of 5678…

Poetics in the Potion

I find myslef smack dab in the middle of my own hidden criticisms 

in my own wanting to control outer circumstances due to living in a world where humans don’t seem to know how to care for themselves, let alone take responsibility for their reality…

I am one of them…I know

it humbles and enobels me 

for the potion needs an antidote 

and the antidote comes from taking the potion on some level and

finding the poetry

inside the horror

inside the slight anoyance

inside the exhilaration

inside the thrill

inside the collapse

inside the resist

So I walk today

and find that I can have many opinions abut all manner of things as I walk

and the one stance that feels like a sweet salve

and smells of antidote-ness is this:

I walk at just the right pace…I am breathing in just the right way…I am just where I need to be…here…walking at this speed, in this way, with this mind, with these thoughts, in these shoes…how perfect!


It’s right here, under my nose

inside myself

a self affirmative stance

an ‘excellent choice’ stance

but more truthfully, even when I make a less than desirable choice and know it

I can still say yes…here I am, having made this choice


I’ll simply be with it as art in the making

I wonder what this choice will become?

HOw curious am I?

Affirmative stance.

my own timing is divine and so is everyone else’s

I keep my eyes on the poetic prize in the Potion.


by Jani Gillette steeped in the first Holy Night and Day from dusk Dec. 25th to dusk Dec. 26th  2018