Art & Biscuit

What is Art and Biscuit?

A vision of an artful life where biscuits and beauty abound...a biscuit can be many things: the ones you eat warm with butter and honey, the joy found in things made with hand and heart, or the ‘dough’ you generate to support more life. . . and Beauty, well, she speaks for herself and is unique to each one of us.

a lovely space

    illumined with grace

        art everywhere

            linen bound books to hold

                 hot biscuits on hand

                      faery treats and a minstrel band

                          just folks having fun

                              drinking tea

                                  until the setting sun

                                       sinks low in the sky

                                            and the twinkle lights swing high

                                                a place that is always warm

                                                     a shelter from the storm...

Here’s Jane, my superhero artist friend and alter ego in her creative flow.

Jane is a big supporter of ART AND BISCUIT-ING fact here she is making her delicious one of a kind biscuits. Stick around and she’ll serve one up with some tea and honey!

May your life be filled with your own expressionof Art and Biscuit.  Sending blessings and magic your way! Faery on and be well.