25 Random things about me

I am going to imagine that I am sitting in a lovely room with you all, warm lights are glowing, it’s early evening, and because we don’t all know each other and it is that awkward time when something is just getting started but hasn’t really started, someone proposes a lively game of sharing 25 random things about ourselves out loud with as little censuring as possible.

So I see it’s my turn…here goes…

My hair is getting curlier as I age

I thought my Dad was a train engineer for a while, until I overheard someone talking about electrical engineering and realized that was what he did

I learned to drive in a tan Pontiac Phoenix

I feel most at home in solitude

I really enjoy eating good ruby red grapefruit

Tourette’s Syndrome was my constant companion from age 7 to 20

I like to walk, the pace of it suits me

Heath Ceramics in Sausalito is a magical place to me

As a young kid I dropped a huge watermelon on the driveway trying to help my mom take the groceries in and I went and hid in the bushes cause I didn’t know what to do

Good design makes me insanely happy

Dance found me early in my life and is one of my greatest joys still

I’ve decided to wear skirts and dresses more often…i move differently in them, and the world seems to shift in unexpectedly ways when I do

TV can wig me out really fast

My divorce was one of the most honest acts of love I expereienced in that relationship

I tend to be overly early for things, which can be both funny and embarrassing trying to figure out what to do with all the extra time

The world of fashion inspires me…its beauty, expressivity and strangeness

Chocolate and I like each other a lot

When I see or hear Yo Yo Ma play the cello it makes me cry and secretly wish to have that level of intimacy with a musical instrument

I have a thing for Aqua and Orange in all their iterations

Recently I decided to skip the jeans and fleece and ‘go gorgeous’ to my smog check, and my 95 Toyota Corolla miraculously passed with the help of some rather chivalrous mechanics

When I feel lost or sad I go find flowers or a tree to be with

I have dreams of creating an animated short with Jane, a superhero I began drawing in 2012

I had my first real kiss on the dance floor of my senior prom to Sting’s Every Breath YOu Take

I think that is getting close to 25…
Feeling exposed and curious and enjoyed seeing what random things wanted to come out and play

Thanks for playing with me…