These are times of Great Change. We are each on a unique journey to discover our truth and our joy. It can be rough going. Good Company is at hand if needed. Here are some resources that have helped and inspired me tremendously. I call them revolutionary resources, may they bring you closer to the magical one of a kind spirit spark that you are! We’re all in this together. Enjoy.

CONJUNCTIO – Laura Lund : an integrative therapeutic practice that brings together mind body and spirit. A dynamic approach to the complexities of living, conjunctio produces sustainable changes so you thrive.

GENE KEYS – Richard Rudd : Embracing Your Higher Purpose

LOVE YOUR DESIGN – Kim Gould : teaches, mentors and coaches people to access their own unique way to create meaningful change using Emergent Human Design.

SOMATIC COACHING & HEALING – Marla Tofle : learn practical tools to self regulate and ride the unexpected waves of life. Marla is a long time practitioner of Zapchen Somatics and is a true embodiment of its blessing.

STARGATE EXPERIENCE ACADEMY : The Stargate is an inter-dimensional doorway that facilitates healing on all levels, DNA reactivation and the awareness of one’s Quantum Self. http://Stargateexperienceacademy

STAR SPARKS – 360 Windows into the Heart of the Zodiac by Ellias Lonsdale with Sheila Bachmeier : Star Sparks captures the pristine awareness of each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, based on the Chandra Symbols – keys for entering the soul. Deep Astrology is a lost art, here revived for a civilization in dire need of straight talk from the soul.

THE SOPHIA CODE by Kaia Ra : a living transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe to activate your divine genome and initiate you into living in your Higher Self embodiment.

ZAPCHEN SOMATICS – Julie Henderson : The practices and principles of Zapchen Somatics are a direct approach to embodying well-being, otherwise referred to as “feeling as good as you can…in spite of everything.”