Inside out action

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be true, be you, be the beauty of your imperfect stew!

I am often drawn inward at times of profound change

change in my own life and on this planet

Especially now, I feel the call to inhabit myself and this world in a way that is real and honest

and these words bubbled up and onto my page about this very thing

so here they are…

I share them with you, fellow citizens of this sweet spinning orb called earth




I’m looking for WORDS that my SOUL can rest in 

I don’t want to read someone else’s call to action 

I want to feel that very impulse come up and out from the dirt of me

from my own ripe soil

then my spoken word will ring true

it will carry fragrance and truth and power

and if others seek my words because of this, then I rejoice

and trust that they can and will open the door in themselves where gemstones and rubies hide.

Jani Gillette October 2018