Spring time in Oakland with Art at Ba-Bite

Ahoy there fellow Spring timers. If you find yourself on the side of the equator that is experiencing rebirth, plum blossoms and lupine studded hills you are in good company. And if you happen to be gifted with the harvest tide and full moons of autumn you are welcome too! The whole weave is inherent in each part, so come on in.

Today I am writing about Spring, good Food and Art.

The story goes like this. Girl and boy discover amazing eatery in Oakland called Ba-Bite. They fall in love with Butternut Squash composed salad and Falafel hummus plate, not to mention the fresh pastries in glass jars on the counter. Girl, being an artist who creates illustrations that have a mind of their own, begins to imagine her arts gracing the walls of this delicious spot. Boy heartfully agrees and smiles encouragingly. Her art and heart also agree and nudge her to be brave and talk with the fine folks who own and tend this special place.

She imagines her illustrations hanging on the walls happily infusing the space with all manner of goodness, simply enhancing the magic that is already happening there and assisting in beneficial ways that only line and color can. She is convinced it must be so, and by and by, as water finds its way, the day comes when it happens. Girl and boy walk in the door with arts, hammer, a level and the green light from Ba-Bite to grace the space.

Humbled and happy to be given the opportunity to add beauty to something already beautiful, girl and boy sit at their favorite spot by the window and savor a delicious meal made with love and give thanks!

If you find yourself in Oakland this spring and are looking for great food and whimsical art go say hello to the find folks at Ba-Bite and enjoy some of the best middle eastern food in the Bay!

In honor of spring here is an excerpt from my book Winged Wonders and Whatnots by Jani Gillette

may we all trust that inner spirit spark that nudges us onward…


Spring is not your run of the mill seasonal Whatnot. Spring is whole heartedly dedicated to igniting, activating and bringing forth. She doesn’t care what time it is or what the neighbors think. She moves to her own truth rhythm and attends to the truth rhythm in all things. You will never feel rushed by Spring, only invited into the beat of your own drumming.  Spring respects this inward pulse beat so much that it is the only music she cares to dance to.