Tree roots and Star shine

Here are some words and images for this New Year and this New Age we are bravely birthing together. As always these words are my own yet they travel to and through me from that vast space that I love so much. ENjoy

A New Years message blessing.

A bit late, depending on where you are on this lovely Globe. We enter into the year of the Dog…a loyal, faithful, loving year. Companions from all dimensions and realms flow forth and are literally overflowing off of Moonbeams and Sunrays to bathe this planet and remind us of our Divine Origins.


is it fudge?…a white confection?…or a state of being?

Thank God it’s all of the above.

How do YOU wish to concoct it?

This is a true time of elixir making…an opportunity that will span way beyond our lifetime. A time to begin to bring forth the new, never before seen, known or felt. I don’t know what this all will unfold as…don’t need to.

It’s why we’re here…It’s why we took birth.

it is a free flow…a me and he and she show

a we show

a WOW, lets’ have some fun and collaborate just because you are different than I AND we share the same I Am-ness

Code writer and pastry chef

dancer and stock trader

recluse and police man

I am

Sam I am

Source I am

Source are you

Super stealth it comes up in your life, bubbles up, or catches fire or moves with the elegance of a water snake.

All ways and methods converge. No longer us vs. them..that’s so old hat…a dirty matt. Time to throw out the old, with dignity yes, but be BOLD, cause we delight in your light, mine too. Her light and his…all of us here doing our part. Creating a new garden.

A Garden

Our Garden

Peace in our Garden

Peace in our beloved blue-green spinning Mother

Our Eden…here

Eve and evening spreading out full as the Moon’s luminescence. She shines down upon us all, dreaming with us, weaving her threads of creative genius, simple truth, of resplendence once again through our fibers. We are made new by our own souls moon union…and as you awake to the Sun’s rays, brining you up, out, beyond then in again, there is a knowing that you are indeed a blazing Solar Star amongst many.

Monarch Nation Are We

Sovereign Butterfly’s flying free

each one of us a Univerese


no need to match

Cause a match stick on fire sets the whole world to INspire.

THis is not a Dream. This is the Reality of our Ability…

of our Human Being-ness bathed in it’s own Divinity

soaked through with the brandy of loving self beyond understanding, of still acceptance.

Each simple Act of Grace will and is setting the world on fire

So Bring yourself, your beloveds, your enemies too

All are welcome into the New!


Written by Jani Gillette