Looking for something in particular and finding something else…

I went looking for a poem I’d written a few years ago. Looking through old note books and folders and boxes…all the places I thought it was. I never found it…and wondered if perhaps I’d lost it somehow somewhere.

Yesterday I found it while looking for something else. Ha! there you are I exclaimed, as my eyes fell upon the words I knew to be this poem.¬†My heart leapt!.. because I liked this one and thought I’d lost it. Even though I know that every poem I write¬†becomes woven into my own fiber, it still saddened me that I may not see this one on paper again.

I’d like to share it…along with some drawings that reflect the flowers and the sky I walk and live with here in Cupertino. Reminding me of the beauty all around me and within me.

*Peace in my garden*

and they walked into the garden once again

holding hands

they knew not why

for they had come unbidden

unknowing of what would await them there

that sacred place they loved and tended and left

they knew the strife, the violence

that had filled the space between their past and this now

the air still smelling of uncertainty

yet in their hearts they felt the New

a blossoming

a thawing of the spirit fire

the seed ripening

bearing fruit

it was time to harvest and make oil

to bake and share a meal together

to walk again in celebration and joy

and bounty

to feel again the creative flow of life

and ride the currents of this moment into something

entirely neW

Come…sit in our garden

be not ashamed

you aRe love

you arE light

you belong here

sit and delight!

written by Jani Gillette in cahoots with realms beyond