Postal stamps, bitcoin and snow leopard

There are times when the most unlikely things converge.

Just yesterday I decided to pen some correspondences to folks. I took my favorite pens and made cards, drew pictures and got all poetic. I wrote out addresses in my best hand, put cool batman and flowers stamps on the envelopes and walked them out to the post box like I was walking small children to school. It was so simple and so dang satisfying. In that moment I sent a wave of gratitude to the US Postal Service for making cool stamps and for continuing to pick up mail and deliver it to mail boxes all over the world.

The next day I learned about bitcoin and crypto-currency for the first time. Even though I felt a bit late to the scene of this digital development, my imagination was captured. It sparked that same place in me that likes pairing batman stamps with floral ones and enjoys snail mail as well as taking pics with my iphone. I was already developing a comic strip in my mind, featuring a caped figure with a pseudo name, who lives in seclusion in a bamboo forest and dreams of decentralizing things on a massive scale. I learned new words like nonce and hash and enjoyed the idea of miners not having to inhale coal or work dangerously deep inside the earth.

Needless to say I was amazed by it and simultaneously wondered what it would do to the tangible form of money. There is something about the feel and smell of dollar bills and the sound of change in the pocket. I enjoy knowing that others have touched the money that now sits in my wallet. I like putting the green stuff on my altar, blessing it up before I offer it out. There is a soul desire in me to infuse every coin and bill that comes through my hands with magic and blessings. It makes me feel good and nourishes the Faery inside myself.

Today I opened up my Mac to learn more about crypto currency, write some thing and follow threads. My Mac can be quite slow, it is still running on Snow Leopard, and although at times it drives me crazy and I can get on my own case about increasing my cash flow enough to purchase a new one, it also requires me to breath more and maintain a pace that feels better in the long run to my human body.

So in this moment I am enjoying the mingling of bitcoins, batman stamps and snow leopards in my imagination. I have a feeling that if I leave them alone long enough, without trying too hard to make them ‘get along’ they will probably surprise me.

Who knows, perhaps a new superhero will emerge and take the world by storm, heralding the merits of cryptocurrency with such poetic beauty that even the reclusive snow leopard will emerge in support of the upgrade.

Meanwhile, may Faery bless your creative endeavors and may you have hot water for tea and a good friend to share it with, invisible, human or otherwise!