I’d like to introduce you to Jane and Kitty Pom Pom.

Jane is a girl with a cape, part faery part human. Her superpowers are quite subtle, easily missed and she likes it that way. A lover of all things finely crafted, she delights in spreading magical arts every where she goes in the most natural of ways.

Kitty Pom Pom is Jane’s feline companion. An oddball of a cat, possessing an uncanny knack for innovation and an obsession with all things ascension.

Jane and Kitty Pom Pom are super excited about the upcoming eclipse and have been busy fashioning custom viewing goggles. As you can see, they each have their own take on how best to view this great planetary event. But despite these differences they’ve always united around the creative process and have been thoroughly enjoying themselves in eclipse goggle development, antennae creation, eclipse fashion exploration, cookie baking and meditation.

Stay tuned as they broadcast their experiences of the event.