The sanctity of matters

What is sacred space anyhow? Do I dare claim it for myself and champion those who create it? Do I know myself well enough to carve it out of the quantum and recognize it when it shows up? Will I remember my days with Merlin and the forest glen to sanctify this place rightly.  Am I humble enough to let others have their way with the world. Knowing deep down that the world is having its way with us. It feels like we are all traveling towards home. Some have already found it inside and out, and I rejoice.

Today is the day before the Spring Equinox. It feels like a good time to speak words from my soul and call forth my heart’s asking. So with a  whirl and a bow, I send these poetic verses into the ethers like whale song and await their return. All of this might be much simpler than I think.


Home me up, home me in, warm source spring of a home

find me, house me, wrap me in your winged embrace

of solid wood worn smooth by hands that hold  and tend and bake

shine me through with sky light unhindered

music me around with the rustle of oak leaves in the yard

and maple color on fire in the Fall

renew me with the details of the craft

taken up by those who love and know how to wield a hammer with tempered strength

inspire me to write more

be more

live more

feel more

not because I should, but because I can’t help it living in a place like this

a space like this

a HOME that feels like this.

by Jani Gillette