Flow Free Wild One

This morning I sat outside to sip my tea. It was right before the dawn light began, so I wrapped myself in a fuzzy blanket to keep warm and watched the sky.

It’s been raining the last few days and the sky has been filled with shape shifting clouds of every shade of white, grey, cream, rose and violet. The sun making blazing appearances here and there and drawing dragon like mist out of the surrounding hillsides. Gorgeous and dramatic.

This morning, I witnessed the most subtle act of magic from the dawn sky.
It came and went in the space of 20 minutes and afterwards I wondered if I’d seen it at all? Who else was gazing up at the early morning sky like I!?
Here is one attempt at catching the tail of it…

Hello deep sea of dawn

I never know what you will be

you began grey today

gorgeous multilayered grey with hints of blue

I sat outside, bundled up with hot tea in hand

I watched you

in the silence

slowly opening

you chose the subtlest of blush pinks to wear first

so faint it made me giggle, like I’d caught you trying on your favorite dress in the dark not thinking anyone was watching

we both laughed

then you brightened….just a bit

and more of your cloud dress appeared

like a painter I saw you place One arcing stroke across your canvas

an upward glow more vivid than the rest

my eyes fixed on it

and slowly slowly the softest of  broken up rainbow formed

a hint of rainbow

as if your multicolored pen had hit rough canvas

skipping and leaping

leaving just enough color on cloud to evoke what was intended

then it was gone

like a smile on a passerby that happens after you’ve already passed by.

-written by jani Gillette with morning mist in her hair