Playful Peace

Amidst the whirling of the world  these days I have been hearing more and more from my friend Peace. He seems to be showing up everywhere. He carries a lovely picture book under his arm and loves nothing more than to sit on the grass and share his favorite pages with anyone who wishes to join him. The picture book is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced. I call it a book, but it really is so much more. A portal, an illumination, an emanation, an elixir, a holy tome, a child’s tale, a message from the future….when I take the time to sit with Peace and behold these pages alongside him, I am changed.

Here are some words inspired by my friend Peace.


Do I dare?

do I dare feel Peace?

dare I be Peace?

how can I stand in my own shoes…or in another’s without Peace?

how could I have gone so long forgetting Peace?

thinking I had to fight for him

go create him

search the world to find him

Peace is no where

he resides inside

playful and at rest

so patient, sitting on a tree limb after all the kids have gone home

hiding in plain sight


unhurried by any and all who pass by

arms ever open

hugging the air around him

self-made in the best possible sense

he smells like melted butter on toast

he feels easy, like  worn in jeans and a soft linen shirt

there is no chatter with Peace

once found, his silent language glides effortless in all directions

suddenly I see him everywhere

Peace found out and on the move

he has come off his tree limb and is walking the world

unhurried and happy to see you.

-Jani Gillette Sept. 2020