One plus One equals Three…a trinity

I’ve been pondering the beauty of threes. A three legged orchard ladder, stable and versatile. A tripod that holds a microphone or camera steady. The Holy Trinity. The beginning middle and end of a story. How is it that we have gotten so stuck in the dualism of masculine and feminine…is it not a multitude of qualities? Unfathomable, never the same twice. Do we not feel that third principle that arises when any two of anything come together?…to share presence, to enjoy a pot of tea, to swap garden veggies, stories, or clothes. Masculine, Feminine and the Divine Innocence of both combined…

Can I not step into my own temple of One and feel it all? One, two, three, four and on and on and on…
Let me see…

I come unto myself
Unadorned inside my own church
Housed close in
Enclosed within the liquid light of my blood
The glistening rose red of my interior
Lavishly decorated
Electric and ever-flowing
Sinuous stuff of life
Here I reside
Prosperous inside
Radiant in an oddball way
Myself unhindered
Successful in all ways
That Way I like it
Serving the whole from my overflow.

-Jani Gillette May 25 2020 at her green desk inside