A gift under the hood

Sometimes we need to take Quantum Leaps
to go from driving a 95 Toyota Corolla to a fully restored kick-ass classy Aston Martin
sometimes we have to take an engine that’s been running on “less than optimal” and refuel her with “better than we thought”
often times we must make peace with the fact that our valves are cracked, our parts rusty and we don’t have what it takes

Good thing it doesn’t take anything
not a damn thing

cause under the hood of that 95 Toyota Corolla there is a box
a plastic one
nothing fancy
it’s in one of those hard to get to spots where you have to take the this apart in order to get to the that, so you can get your hand down far enough to loosen the bolt that holds this little plastic box in place
and once you get hold of it, the telling falls short

This is when the quantum takes hold
it surrounds you
it reminds you of something sacred
something you can’t really put into words
when you hold this little box gently in your hands you simply FEEL it
you could even say you know it
and if you allow yourself enough space to shift into this new gear…that kick-ass classy Aston Martin begins its journey into your life

The surprising part comes when you pry open this little plastic box and behold the sweetest, most beautiful object you’ve ever seen
Nothing fancy
yet it moves you
in a way that you aren’t used to
tears come
maybe you laugh
or perhaps you hold this small object in your palm in a way that is unlike you
this sacred little thing adores you
you have finally found it…and now hold it closer to you than when it was safely hidden in its plastic box under the hood

Now let us be clear
this Aston Martin
this kick-ass classy
has been waiting for YOU for a long time
its happiness is unbounded
and it is heading towards you with such gusto, speed, accuracy and style that it would behoove you to
go find that skirt you love
those Italian leather boots you paid too much for
that shirt the color of sunrise
and your favorite shades
for something quantum is about to arrive
your meeting is inevitable
and you best be ready
for this ride!

Written by Jani Gillette after stumbling upon a classic car show in Monterey while driving her 95 Toyota Corolla to a dance that never happened…only later realizing the existential alchemy that occurred while wandering through droves of crazy awesome cars in her dance clothes.