The Poetry of Let it Be

Sometimes I have to let it be
sometimes I have to walk away
sometimes I have to let myself be walked away from
not with a hardened heart
or with distaste in my mouth
but with a holy stance
with respect
with the vast oceanic knowing
that all is truly well
even as my ears ring with the call of a good friend
even when the air is thick with the suffering of my beloved
even as my own human heart is torn apart by what seems to be a pain I could soothe
even then
even when
especially then
especially when
I ask myself…beloved one, look up at the sky, stoop down to smell the earth, either direction is good
saturate your field with the presence of life
with the presence of Life’s vital force
saturate yourself with the remembrance of Grace
of the Sun’s light
shining on all in equal measure
let it be
leave it be
and allow the dignity
the intensity
the power
the inner resolve and love of the Dragon Magick in ALL of creation to return of its own accord
let YOUR garden grown
and leave your neighbors garden alone
tend the soil of your own sacred heart
and steady her first
so that she sails sure
so that she is filled to overflowing with sustenance of the un-ending kind
not the flash of false gold here and there
or the sporadic hand out of rubies from another’s chest
allow your own sacred vessel to be lit from within
feed that young flame inside
tend your own hearth beloved one
until your fire is roaring
and smoldering and embering
and no-thing can dampen your light

Then and only then
are you able to truly be of deep service
in the ways of sky and land
in the ways of magick at hand
beloved…we have returned
as Dragon people
Dragon humans Alite!
Your Time in NOw.

-Jani Gillette