Fly fRee Wild fiSH wild sElf wiLd LOve

Full moon in Pisces
the fish are swimming
and change is moving like water in a fast moving stream
these are some words that express my personal experience with the movement of this moment in time on this wonder of a planet.

This life
full of strife and poison
full of blooming flowers and fresh baked bread

I don’t wish to choose any longer
between this or that
A or B
butter yellow or lavender
because I like them both
A is perfect for fixing broken pottery
and lavender smells wonderful and the color is a dream to wear

I don’t enjoy strife
yet at times
even it feels called for
and its expression authentic

This life is changing in me

With deep compassion in my pocket
and love around my kneck
I see…
I see myself and my life more clearly
my blunders
my blind spots
my self created pie in the face moments
let’s have at it
and give ourselves some slack
even a tight rope needs a certain amount of give
or else it is un-walkable

What does it mean to truly embrace
to give space to life
to friends
to strangers
to leaders
to animals
to yourself…
to pause long enough
to allow THAT person, THAT place, THAT thing, THAT you
to reveal itself
in this moment
never been here before
unlike any other moment

If this change thing has a hold of you in a stronger way than you’re used to
then let her in
give her a new name if it makes you feel friendlier towards her
call her Butter Yellow instead of Change
and dress her in goodness
in ‘yes things CAN go well for me’

See her as a secret agent who has your best interest in hand
drop the cynicism
this is a matter of national security
for your evolution and mine

She goes undercover to make friends
with you Divine and your Human Mind
until one day
maybe to-day
she doesn’t have to wear a costume any more
Or play games
Or sneak around all sneaky like

The day comes when there she is

No disguise

Eye to eye

You to you

double agent dissolves
No need for it
The connection is made
Electro magnetic energies birth a new you
Sparks fly
Maybe you throw up
And then feel so much better
This life now resides whole heartedly in side you
Comfortable in your own skin.

Written by Jani Gillette