I came upon this piece of writing today as I was cleaning up my in-box. I needed to read these words today….so the good news is that my past self must have received the memo and wrote these words a year or two ago so that I would discover them again…today…and taste them once more.

I share them with you here. Enjoy


to make the first move

takes some bravery

takes some letting go
because you are approaching another human soul
who has total free will to accept or decline your offer
what ever that offer is
your heart
true love
a book
a scoop of ice cream
an idea
a look
a glance
what ever the offer
you give it
and give it freely
without worry or care 
you give it away
for free
you give it away for free
because it is you
you can’t help it
well…of course we all know what it feels like to keep ourselves caged
we’ve all done it, kept our hearts in check, kept our words out of the equation, kept our true feelings, our truth hidden away
afraid that it might upset someone, and in a world where for a long long time it was more important to keep people from getting upset rather than be your true self in the presence of others
well….we all know how that has panned out
this kind of giving is more like being
it IS you
and you like to give this
you can’t help yourself
once you give yourself permission to unlock the winged bird inside
you delight in giving this
and (now this is the important part)
this giving freely only works when you are giving something that truly comes from your depths, that truly is something you love inside, 
maybe you love to cook
or you love to read
or you love to love
or you love to weave socks
or write stories
oh okay
so you take what you love
in my case
I love to dance
I love to draw and write 
I love to love intimately and deeply and truly
I love holding sacred space 
I love stillness and peace
so I’m going to go ahead and offer these 
offer me really
I’m going to make the first move
in what ever way is easiest
I like ease
I let go of making it into something to sell
to brand 
to get something from 
I don’t make any demands on this gift, on my giving it
i make the first move freely
like when you were a kid 
making up games with your friends
playing, running, being stuipd and silly together
nobody was making demands on our running or our playing or our silliness 
we were just running and playing and silli-ing and stupid-ing around together
the cool thing is
that when I give freely
then the giving get’s to decide for itself how it want’s to be
the offer may be received or denied or made fun of or praised or discarded or ….
but that really doesn’t matter
because the joy is in the giving of it
so the satisfaction is already had
it is already inherent in that first move
so in a sense
when you give truly
and authentically from your core the giving and recieving are one
even as I write it down my mind can’t quite fathom it, and wants to make a good argument against it
but truth be told
even my mind knows that this is true…given enough love and time and ease and grace and space, even my mind relaxes into it’s truth center and lets go of thinking it has to make everything happen and make everyone happy and make the world turn and make money and make and on and on and on….when in fact by it’s very being it has already made everything that is really necessary…