If Bill were in the backyard

It is spring here in Cupertino
There is a blueberry bush in my parents backyard full of bell shaped blossoms
Still draped in its protective netting from last year, it
looks like a strange modern bride crowned in reflective silver tape that’s not so reflective anymore

There is heated discussion about whether to keep the netting on or remove it
It was an ordeal to get on last summer
Enough of an ordeal to never want to do it again

Yet now the beautiful bush is full of blossoms awaiting pollinators who….with the netting still in place, may very well be kept away from their staring role in creating another bountiful harvest

I am witnessing this unfold
This familiar back and forth between my mom and dad about gardening matters
And the subtle and not so subtle insights that gardening gifts us all the time when we stay attuned to the pulse and change of it all
Like Bill Cunningham did with fashion
Such bold use of netting and reflective tape this summer!
A didn’t you just love the unadorned freshness on the runway this spring!