Outside art and seek

Winter solstice blessings to you all. I found myself drawn to the out of doors over the last few days, taking myself out along the coast between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. My feet fell out of my shoes and my toes delighted in the cold green grass that comes up soft and new after december rain. Here are some words and images to share.

Outside I go
feet bare
cold ground
soft grass
direct access
a reboot

art stones in my bag
drawings too
all wanting to bathe in the setting sun
all wanting to be placed in the grass next to their brother pine cone and sister sage
blessings abound
a soak up of the mystery
a crystalline zing inherent in all things
all dimensions represented here
the silence listened to
line on paper, pen on rock, toes on earth, iphone ready, eyes open, heart willing
all systems go
making friends with soil and sky