Winter Wonder Bundles

a recent Art&Biscuit project of cookie baking and art making…

Ahoy there fellow travelers of this wide world. It is December now, the final month in a year of continuous completions. Making way for all of us to come out of hiding and show ourselves. Here is a bit of free verse poetry that captures some of what has been moving me these winter days.


winter born am I

a lover of silent wing beats

and tree line

the luminous glow of ginkgo leaves

warms me as I walk

street side

heart wide

nothing left inside but my own ramblings

unraveling the last pieces

getting ready

for being enough

for giving it a go

for just stepping in

and making a move

with enough silent groove inside

to navigate straight

straight into

a labrinthine line

my unique time

going every direction at once

letting go of my own wanting to know

setting sail as an instance of grace