Here we are in the month of Gemini…embraced by her flow from May into June. Like a spring stream giving itself over to the goldening of grasses and the continued bloom of wildflowers. Lately I’ve been seeing the world through the eyes of my innocence….something that is hardly encouraged as a good idea these days. Yet the place within me that is pure Faery and undeterred by prevailing notions of ‘how things should be done’ is rising up and holding steady in a way I’ve not experienced before.

All I can say is that the child in me wants out, wants to play, yet not in the normal way. This child is wise and punky at the same time and she assures me that no matter how big and monstrous the world scene, that she is Jedi born and not about to be convinced of Dooms drool and fangs…in fact she says she’s a good friend of Doom and that I’d be surprised at how exuberant Doom is on many a subject.

Here is a short poem I wrote earlier this year during the 13 holy nights about this month of Gemini. I suspect my inner wild child was guiding my pen to express a wisdom that runs deep and light. Enjoy!

The sea levels rise to meet what’s real
joining forces with those earth beings and magical creatures who know the way intimately
who live patience in action with warriorship and elegance
patiently abiding…
The waters rise
destructive forces simply dissolve
when given their rightful place at the table
all is blessed and seen through
only the truth remains.

By Jani Gillette