Taurus and crow song

It is Spring time in the Bay Area. One of the most opulent and generous ones I’ve ever experienced here. This kind of season makes me feel poetic…and if I chose to listen close to bird song, leaf rustle and my own intuitive nudging, things happen. Poems come, wonder arises, mystery is everywhere and the mundane begins to speak sacred languages.

So these are some words that wish to be shared. Some words about this month of Taurus we just entered and about staying close to the ground with our soft ears.

Let nature be with you deeply during the month of May

Listen to what the crows have to say

You may not understand at first their language

but never doubt that the message was delivered

Your simple openness, willingness to listen without comprehending in the normal way

allows new pathways to form

until one day…when the time is ripe and the figs are soft to the touch

it will be there as if it always was

Nature lets you in even deeper to her inner chambers 

where you can partake of her gifts of bounty…always meant to bless us all!

Written by Jani Gillette in collaboration and her friends in Faerie