Wild Flower and Coyote Wisdom on this day of Independence

I went for a hike the other day

and was met by wild flowers

and ripe berries

there wasn’t a hint of holding back

even the grasses were joining in with their mid summers gold

I felt their song and it was free

reminding me of who I am and what I be

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I went for a run on the beach this morning

no hint of sun

yet all the while shorrning

I declared my independence

why not there and then

who else can bestow it

but myself without end

and lo and behold a Coyote ran by

on my left full gale speed

to say yes to my deed

no fear was at hand

just pure exhilaration

I was amazed

so glad for his company and his medicine

I watched him continue his sprint along the shore

ever looking back, with a wink


May the freedom all around us and within us rise up

and may our grace and mercy met it

seeing through the burnt toast and overdone eggs

into the light of every soul

like wild flowers and ripe berries

it can be simpler than we know

so with coyote wisdom and humor

enjoy this 4th day in July!



with love and faery dragon magick,

Jani Gillette July 4, 2018