Reality dances into something different

My reality has shifted once again, into something different. I was planning on going to Egypt, feeling quite elated about it, but wasn’t able to gather enough funds for the trip, so I had to let it go…yet strangely enough, I feel like I will be their anyway, participating in the sacred journey nonetheless….perhaps my future self simply went ahead and jumped timelines and was/is their contributing my essence to what is asking to happen there at this potent time of emergence.

I’ve been experiencing more moments like that, where the future and the present merge to bring the past into alignment with a Now that feels wider and more alive then I’ve ever felt her to be.

Is the now a she? well I am in the feminine form this time around so I’m calling the Now a she…for now.

Reality dances…two words that I first heard come together through Julie Henderson, a dear friend and beloved way shower.

I like the sound of it. Playful and ever moving, something to be enjoyed.

So I may not be in Egypt this December, but I will be honoring the beauty of winter in my own sacred way, and opening up to the possibility that I can travel to distant places and realms beyond in a new way.

These are exciting times. Stay tuned as I reach even further into our beloved earth and out to our luminous star friends. I think this winter’s weave is going to be pretty amazing. I’d love to make a new winter skirt out of its fabric!

Let me know what has been happening in your neck of the woods.

As the Fae like to say:

Right here in the wide open now, where all is well and you do know how!

Blessings to you all and may peace be with you.