As part of my experiment in creating an artful life and discovering how to thrive in the Bay Area. I share with you some spirited words that whirled through me about abundance.


Abundance comes down from the sky

it bubbles up dirt like 

from the ground 

it pours out of me like liquid gold

finding its way into like-hearted souls

then it hits a switch

in them

and like a pin ball machine

the bounce rate between me and them and you and all of us here

joggles and tunes itself up to the big picture

that big pitcher of water that is the Universe

a container remaining malleable

and open to shape shifts

as ideas, inspirations, motivations  explications and exclamations swirl in new combinations

all within the confines of our bodies

of our planet

of our orbiting Sun  and our beloved Moon

we are dancing forth abundance here

a celebratory ribbons flowing kind of thing

can’t really be pinned down

don’t even try

the gold bars rain down

and adorn altars and wallets alike

green gold 

goddess blessed

earth gifted

we are all worth it

we are all It

pansy and redwood

dolphin and deer

man and woman

mountain and ocean floor


It’s taken a while to get over the sting

of things not working out

of loves lost

of dreams dropped

and fears ingested

but the spirit spark comes through

with its greatest power

in those tight spaces

those graces that happen

when there’s nothing left to do but fall off

let go

and give the situation over 

to that One in here

to that You in you

who loves and knows

and holds the keys to your gifts

so sniff her out

close your eyes and use those faculties that have been stage left all this time

you feel your cue

it pulls at you

pushing you onto the stage with a full house 

and lights up

standing there you gasp! * !


then begin to dance

moving your feet 

finding your beat

grooving to the rhythm of Gaia’s molten heat

the fire of existence moves you

it can’t be helped

can’t be stopped

you are becoming you now

discovering that you know how to dance like this

you do know how to dance

like this.


by Jani Gillette and realms beyond