Here in the Bay Area the blossoms are blossoming and Spring is unfurling her seasonal magic. I can feel the rush and vibrancy within myself and I can feel a new sense of timelessness in the air as well. Like Spring might just be hanging out in the quantum field more and more. No hurry, no worry, everything blossoming in it’s own right time. I like this vibe so much, it keeps me grounded and whole while I let in the full force of Spring’s vitality. So it was no coincidence that I stumbled upon a ditty I wrote about Spring from my book Winged Wonders and Whatnots.

Here it is….may we all enjoy Spring in our own way on what ever day we chose. Spring on! Spring you! Spring me! Spring who?



Spring is not your run of the mill seasonal Whatnot. Spring is wholeheartedly dedicated to igniting, activating and bringing forth. She doesn’t care what time it is, or what the neighbors think. She moves to her own truth rhythm and attends to the truth rhythm in all things. You will never feel rushed by Spring, only invited into the beat of your own drumming. Spring respects this inward pulse beat so much that it is the only music she cares to dance to. 

excerpt from A Curious Collection of Drawings and Writings: otherwise known as Winged Wonders and Whatnots. by Jani Gillette with the help of her invisible friends who dance on the table as she puts pen to paper.