1. I’d like to share a piece of writing that came to me along with my recent drawings of the Ancient Horned Llamas from Lemuria. This is quite fantasmagical…which is to say, it doesn’t make sense in the normal way, it makes perfect sense in the faery way. Enjoy it with a cup of tea or your favorite espresso or herbal infusion along with a treat of course!

…and just when everything seemed to be absolutely confoundingly out of control, the animals began to show up. In small towns, in big cities, in meadow lands and front yards. They called themselves the Ancient Horned Llamas from Lemuria. They’d been patiently waiting for their time to join in, holding steady in the imagination of those still committed to wonder. If you really cared to notice the details of the world beyond the chaotic illusion playing itself out, you would have sensed the new crystal clarity of the sky, the shift in the fragrance of air, the increased potency of bird song and the cloud beings simply out doing themselves…but no matter.

This was no ordinary time…it called for extraordinary happenings at just the moment needed. The chaos simply got tired of itself. Imagine that! The rested down silence of the trees was too much to bear and cracked people open one by one…to FEEL themselves for real.