A New Year – reweaving the fray in an unlikely way

Ahoy there! I have a story to share…join me if you dare.

Over these first few weeks of 2017 I experienced two things that could have turned out rather ‘badly’ to say the least. Both turned out unexpectedly well instead….and it feels important to share my experience in poetic form with you all. I suspect I’m not the only one having shifts in my perception of reality.

I fell down a flight of stairs unexpectedly and then a few weeks later I was walking across the street with my dear friend and we were both hit by a car and tumbled like rag dolls onto the pavement on our way to a cafe. Now I must say that I am not accident prone, in fact I have never broken a bone in my body and rarely trip on anything. Needless to say, both incidents opened me up in ways I wasn’t expecting….and have inspired me to write some verse about it…


down the stairs I went

all frolic and sock feet

a tea cup in both hands

nothing to it


then it happened

I felt the slip

the mugs went flying

and there I was lying

somewhere down there

much quicker than expected

with a spine that felt ejected

out of it’s normal mode

a reset button hit

shaken up to the n-th degree


perhaps a new north was inserted

and some internal junk deserted

I can’t explain it

how the pain made way for

my frayed bits to be re-woven

into new human code

that is ready to be spoken

as a new way of be-ing here





Walking together

easy like

coming from the range

feeling confident

and happy

heading for a cafe across the street

‘let’s use the crosswalk, cause we are on our feet’

okay, here we go

NEXT thing wE KnoW

WE aRe BoTH AiR borN

tumbling down from car hood to ground

no time to make sense

just time to realize we are both

not where expected

this is where there is too much to share

are we dead? no…


police, bystanders, kindness, fire men like redwood trees come with blankets


hospital bound

my friend and I go

no insurance for me

just heavy assistance from all sides

seen and unseen

my friend holds the earth, brave light that she is

and took the brunt of the hood without a defense to give

I hold the air, rolling magic and saying prayer

the fire and water between us

creates an ether we can share


I can’t explain this fall

why it happened at all

I should be frayed and undone

instead I just want to live brighter

never hold back

perhaps I am a fighter

with nothing to prove but a lot to make lighter

it’s odd to feel so fragile and so bold

can’t explain it

it just has to be told…



May we all live deep within the goodness of life and when things happen that shake us, may they hone and shine us even brighter…like the gem stones we are!